May 1, 2020

Greetings Partners, Friends and new Readers!

Back in the late 1960’s and continuing through the 70’s and 80’s we, in our church services and Full Gospel Business Men International (FGBMFI) and Women’s Aglow meetings, would sing songs during our Praise and Worship times straight out of the Bible.  We would even lovingly refer to the genre of songs as, singing out of the King James Hymnal. What wonderful times and wonderfully anointed songs.  The Word of God is anointed. When it comes out of our mouth it is anointed.  The whole congregation singing the pure unadulterated, anointed Word of our God, straight out of His Holy Book made quite a difference.  Not that I do not like the Praise and Worship songs of today but let us be honest… the Word creates Faith.  Romans 10:17 says Faith comes by hearing the Word of God! That leaves most of today’s songs and therefore services sadly lacking in the area of Faith and anointing. Today, it is mostly repetition and many lines of “oh, oh, oh, and whoa, whoa, whoa.”   There is certainly no anointing there.  You would think that with over 220,000 words in the English language, we could do better than oh and whoa. 

Anyway, I said all of that because I was thinking about a great, anointed, faith-building song we used to sing from the King James Hymnal from Habakkuk 3:17, 18.  I think we should be singing it now, Renee and I certainly are; 

Although the fig tree shall not blossom

Neither fruit be on the vine

Though the labor of the olive fail

And the field shall yield no meat

Though the flock be cut off from the fold

And there be no herd in the stall

YET will I rejoice in the Lord (yet will I rejoice in the Lord)

I will joy in the God of my salvation

God, the Lord is my strength!

We have all been to the grocery store……although the shelves are empty, neither toilet paper nor disinfectant wipes, or even food in the store…YET…. YET.  That is probably the biggest YET in the Bible and in the World.  YET will I rejoice in the Lord, I will joy in the God of my salvation…BECAUSE God, the Lord is my strength!

Since Reneé and I have had meetings cancelled and our usually full calendar has been empty we, as many people, have been at home more than we ever have in 5 ½ years of marriage.  So, we have caught up on office work, spring cleaning, Honey-do lists etc. One thing we have done and are doing is to go back and watch old favorite or interesting seasons of tv shows.  We have and are watching the old tv series “24” with the hero being a federal agent dealing with terrorism, named Jack Bauer.  Kiefer Sutherland plays the part and is the star. 

The series ran from November 6, 2001 (two months after the real-life terror attack in NYC on 9/11, which is probably the reason for its tremendous popularity) to July 14, 2014. 

As I said, it was overwhelmingly popular across the nation and it was extremely popular with so many of my preacher friends, especially word of faith ministers and even famous ones.  It was quite popularly talked about in all circles.  My friend Gloria Copeland even joked about it from the pulpit one time and said that Superman wore Jack Bauer underwear. Ha-ha.

I was preaching a three-day missions conference for my dear friend, Fred Price at the great Faith Dome in Los Angeles which holds 10,001 people.  The whole Price family really were into watching the series and all of us knew it.  So, I stood up and announced to the huge crowd that the title of my message today is “Things I Can Do and Have Done that Jack Bauer Could Never Do.”   The crowd laughed along with the Price’s and I proceeded to minister telling wonderfully anointed testimonies of raising the dead multiple times, blind eyes opened, and deaf ears opened around the globe in decades of miracle missionary ministry. Also, casting out devils, real devils, not American devils, (American devils are those that could not make it in the mission fields, so they came to America.)  plus, cripples walking, tumors and cancers dying and falling off, couples that could not have babies conceiving and bringing a sweet baby into their hands, etc., etc. Not to mention the uncounted salvations!   We need to remember that we are God’s hands extended to a sighing, dying and hurting world.  We are the church triumphant! Miracles are our bread and butter, to God be the Glory!

Reneé  and I, along with all at this ministry are praying for you and yours.  I wrote you last month and have been saying that this crisis will soon be over, and we will come through to the other side with testimonies. It is up to you if it is a good testimony or a bad one.  How did we act under pressure?  How did we handle the trying times?  I believe we will hear so many wonderful testimonies of, “Look what the Lord has done”.  Already, we are seeing precious partners and others who are standing up and acting in faith and doing the impossible.  Sending offerings, doubling up on their giving as we are.  People sending offerings who never have or who have not in a long, long time. Just today I was holding letters and offerings before the Lord and thanking Him and praying for people who have taken the time and trouble to send a check or a money order; go buy the money order or write the check, then put it in an envelope then put a stamp on it then take it to the post office…wow!  What honor, what faithfulness! Others who go to the trouble to give electronically or by phone.  Thank you, you are a champion.  John Osteen many years ago preached a wonderful sermon about people who, when they tithe, they give right to the penny, i.e.. $53.21.  I know many of us round it up, but he said these people are so honest that they were going to give God everything he was entitled to, they would not cheat Him out of one penny. We have partners like that as well.

We love you and pray for you daily.  Pray for us and send us your prayer requests and praise reports.  Do not forget to go to our You Tube channel and subscribe.  Go there often, we have encouraging words and ministry there for you.  We have such a huge vision for this, and we continue to record to help people, our programs are being watched around the world and have just been put on Television in the Muslim nation of Pakistan.  Pray for and help us with this during this time.  We want to release books; redo covers, take care of our precious orphans and produce more programs which all have a budget and cost money.  We have our faith on a one hundred thousand dollar offering to come in just for media, Terry Mize Ministries Television on You Tube, Terry Mize Ministries on Facebook as well as two personal pages Terry L Mize and Terry Mize. And of course, Reneé Mize.

Your Missionary to God’s World,

        Terry L. Mize

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