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September 21st, 2023
We have the remission of sins not the atonement of sins. Thank God Forever If you want to get technical, Christians don’t have the “Remission” of sins, but we have the Forgiveness of sins Sinners get...  Read More
by Terry L. Mize
August 18th, 2023
I greet you this month in the matchless name of Jesus and remind you that the Word states that a man of understanding is a man of a cool spirit. So, stay cool in Jesus....  Read More
by Terry L. Mize
JULY 2023
August 18th, 2023
We greet you this month from California, where we have been ministering the whole month of June and will continue the whole month of July. In Acts 15 the Apostle Paul said to his preaching buddy, Barn...  Read More
by Terry L. Mize
JUNE 2023
June 22nd, 2023
We must get back to The Great Commission, or millions of sinners are going to spend eternity in torment in the fires of Hell....  Read More
by Matt Garner
MAY 2023
June 1st, 2023
Overtime as humanitarian crises happened around the world i.e., hurricanes, typhoons, floods, famine, earthquakes, disease and so on, we would also go in to help......  Read More
by Matt Garner
Spring 2023
April 1st, 2023
HOLY GROUND, SACRED THINGS and ANCIENT WORDS…. The Holy Spirit spoke these precious words to Renee during one of the 13 wonderful and anointed services at the Word of His Power conference at Words of ...  Read More
by Matt Garner
December 2022
December 1st, 2022
Here in the middle of December, we have spent 11 ½ months of this year, or almost the whole checkbook of 12 checks that God gave us in January last. The big question now is what did we do with what we...  Read More
by Matt Garner
Fall 2022
September 1st, 2022
He said to always pray over your giving or planting and apply faith to it. He mentioned three keys… 1. Realize God is your Source of everything, 2. He said to Give first, and 3. He said to Expect a ...  Read More
by Matt Garner