Spring 2023


The Holy Spirit spoke these precious words to Renee during one of the 13 wonderful and anointed services at the Word of His Power conference at Words of Life Church in North Miami, Florida last month. Our dear long-time friend, Pastor Geri Moore, even at 90 years of age, has continued this powerful conference, even after the passing of her husband, Stan, several years ago. I have attended and spoken at this great meeting I suppose since the beginning. On some years, I would come in for the last three days to hear Brother Copeland and then be off to other ministry. Four or five years ago, Pastor Geri came to me and asked if I would please come every year and to be there for the whole meeting, Sunday-Sunday, morning, and evening meetings, whether I was speaking or not. I was touched and humbly gave her my word and commitment to do just that!

On several occasions during the conference, Geri made the statement that we were on HOLY GROUND! Knowing the church’s history, I knew this was TRUE. When they first purchased the property 30 plus years ago, the EPA came in and stopped them and said the ground was bad and they could not have church there. Wow! After all the money, blood, sweat and tears, they were stopped. What could they do? Did they miss God? One of my Spiritual Fathers came in to see them. He said the ground was not bad, but rather it was cursed, there was a demon living there. Then Brother Kenneth Hagin proceeded to cast the demon out! Now, it is Holy Ground.  The EPA was called back and declared the ground clean and ready for use. The wonderful miracle and testimony are more detailed of course, but I have condensed for my letter. This year’s conference had wonderful speakers as; Bill Winston, Rick Renner, Jerry Savelle, and Kenneth Copeland along with David Ellis speaking as well as leading us in praise and worship. Other years included Jesse Duplantis, Samuel Rodriquez, yours truly, and others speak as well.
After the conference ended, we were out to eat with Pastor Geri, and her Grandson, Pastor Richard, his wife, Danae, and other friends. We were rejoicing and talking about the conference and what the Lord had done, when Renee spoke up and told us what the Holy Spirit had said to her…. That over the many years of Words of Life Church, with all the meetings, as well as special meetings, and conferences inside of that sanctuary, the Lord had done “Sacred things and had spoken Ancient words.”  

Of course, there is a great and anointed church song called “Ancient Words.” I think much of the church of Jesus around the world has forgotten that those sacred and ancient words in God’s Holy book are exactly that. His Word is sacrosanct, it is immutable, incapable of change.  Jesus said Heaven and Earth will Pass away but not one jot or tittle of God’s word will pass away.
We are being told that the Bible and even the Constitution are fluid, they are living things that move in and out, they ebb and flow, that they evolve, they change with the times and culture…. NO, NO, NO! Nothing could be further from the TRUTH! The Word tells us to not remove the ancient landmarks that the FATHERS have set. Don’t Move the Posts! The sacred things and ancient words we were privileged to be part of on Holy Ground in Miami last month will stay with us forever.

Renee and I ministered for the whole month of February. We started in Michigan with dear friends, Pastor Dave and Holly Cokonougher, at House of Prayer in Haslett. Renee ministered to the ladies on Sunday night, and I ministered on the wonderful subject of “Living to Give” Sunday through Wednesday. We had a tremendous time together as people responded and were blessed. We will soon produce this valuable series and make it available. What a life changer it was for me a very long time ago and still is. It really is the nature of God and the way to live supernaturally on this planet. We are not just “mere men” as the apostle Paul said. We are citizens of Heaven and can live by God’s nature and God’s system.

Then we ministered in Charlotte, NC for long-time dear friend, Pastor Marilyn Gool. This great church, family, and I go way back. Pastor Robyn Gool moved to Heaven in November, and I was honored to minister at his homegoing service, as he had requested. We ministered Sunday AM and PM service and again people were blessed and helped.

On our way to Miami, since it was my birthday, Renee sent me Bass Fishing, so we stopped off in Okeechobee, Florida and visited with new friends that I believe will become a long-time relationship. I went out on the lake there and caught a good number of fish in a four-hour trip. It was wonderful to be out in God’s great outdoors and nature with the fish, birds, and of course alligators. Then on to Miami for the great conference and lots of dear friends that I mentioned above. Finally returning home the first week of March.

Renee and I both are scheduled for a little eye surgery shortly and will have some down time, for recovery etc. and I’ll miss a few Sundays of ministering in churches. I never like that. I know you will set yourselves in covenant agreement with us for perfect surgeries, wisdom, knowledge, and understanding for the medical staff, and speedy recovery from successful procedures. Also keep us in prayer for the finances to continue to come in and that we are blessed in the city and the field. We are continuing to send money to pastors and ministries in Ukraine and for the terrible and devastating earthquakes in Turkey. Interesting that we just sent money to Turkey and committed to help my mentor and spiritual father, Wayne Myers, build seven churches in the seven cities that Jesus wrote to in the book of Revelation…. and the earthquakes hit and destroyed Antioch or Antakya as it is called now.
I’m praying for you that you will be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and your call to go to the world with us and redeem lost man in a sin-sick world.... the harvest is great…. and that you are ever more minded in your life of HOLY GROUND *SACRED THINGS* and ANCIENT WORDS!

Your Missionary in 55 years of third world evangelism,
Terry L. Mize
Terry L. Mize