What We Do For God Lasts For Eternity

Renee and I greet you this 1st day of December on a snowy day in Michigan. We are ministering for Mark and Vickie Barclay this weekend as well as attending their leadership conference and serving on the President’s Cabinet Board. Wonderful meetings with lots of old and good ministry friends here.
I started my last letter sharing some faith principles and lifestyles with you, but quickly ran out of space so I will pick it up again this month. Of course, you never get “through” when talking about faith. Brother Hagin always told us, “You just unhook the train and then hook up again the next service.”
Last month I began writing about how so many people over the last 49 years have asked me how I dealt with the attack from the hitchhiker in Mexico when he pulled a loaded gun on me, stuck it in my ribs while I was driving, and screamed that he was going to kill me. My answer to all those questions over all these years is that I used the Name, the Blood, the Word, the Covenant, and the Power of the Holy Spirit. Then I did it again, and then I did it again, and continued until I won. He tried to rob me, he tried to kill me by shooting at me point blank range 5 times, and then when that didn’t work, he tried to drive off and leave me in a cornfield, escaping with my new car and my goods. None of that worked. That night I slept in my own bed with my little missionary family of four, while the escaped and armed convict slept in the dark Mountains of Zacatecas, Mexico, with his gun, wondering what happened and why he wasn’t a rich man! The answer, of course, was the integrity of the uncompromised Word of Almighty God, along with my understanding of Faith and the Word of Faith in using those same five smooth stones that David used to kill Goliath…. the Name, the Blood, the Word, the Covenant, and the power of the Holy Spirit! I deal with this in detail in several audio messages and in my new book, “Pulling Down Strongholds.”

The world has grown darker and worse. The church has grown softer and weaker over the years as fear and several attacks have come against the nation and the church. This cancel culture could not have thrived as it has if the coward culture had not penetrated the church.  Remember, “FEAR AND FAITH CANNOT LIVE IN THE SAME HOUSE!” We Must Stay In Faith.

In the last letter I wrote that we were ramping up or preparing for our Christmas Orphan Project through our Humanitarian Organization; Jackie Mize International Children’s Foundation (JMICF).

Thank you as you give, that we don’t rob Peter to pay Paul. That we don’t divert funds, that need to go to Terry Mize Ministries (TMM), to the Christmas Orphan Project and JMICF.  

How have we spent the past eleven months?
How will we spend December?
How will we spend 2023 before the calendar irreversibly changes in just a few weeks?

I certainly want Heaven to be pleased as we finish our last check for 2023 and I want to get ready for my new checkbook labeled 2024!

Remember, every Thursday Renee and I release a new “More Than Conquerors” program on YouTube, Facebook, NOW Network (Wednesdays 8:30PM ET), and the many other platforms available to you. We will minister to you a good and relevant word to help you and bless you.

Renee and I and all at our ministry, wish you and declare over you a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful, blessed, and prosperous New Year!

In the Name, Blood. Word, Covenant and Power of the Holy Spirit,d
-Terry L. Mize