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Perth, Australia 1982

"the Wednesday night"

Many of you have heard me say over the years that my longest service was 10 ½ hours. That was in Perth, Australia in 1982. Jackie and our 4 kids were with me, and it was quite a blessed trip and Holy Ghost trip. There were multiple miracles, healings, as well as people ministered to, and creased for years or for life. I love it when God creases us, just like you would put a piece of cloth on an ironing board and then crease it with a hot iron. I have run into several people around the world in the last 42 years that have told me, “I was there the Wednesday night, God healed me, and I’m still healed.”
One of the great miracles that night was for Margaret Court, who was and still is a great tennis legend. The current sports term for “Greatest of all Time” is G.O.A.T. If you google Margaret, that’s the term they use for her. No one, male or female, has ever beaten her records and I suspect no one will. 3 Wimbledon’s, 64 grand slams, etc. Serena Williams said at her retirement that she should be the G.O.A.T. even though she did not break Margaret’s record.
That miraculous night 42 years ago, Margaret said to me, “My right shoulder is higher than my left, my right hip is higher than my left, my spine is curved with scoliosis and I’m in constant pain.” I told her that Jesus needed to do an overhaul on her and reached to lay hands on her but didn’t touch her as the Holy Spirit knocked her down and she stayed down for 3 hours. The next day she and her husband, Barry, called me from their Dr.’s office with this report: We have the original x-ray showing the shoulder and hip higher and the spine curved, and we have the x-ray taken this morning. My shoulders are even, my hips are even, and my spine is straight, plus I don’t have any pain… Praise God! She is now pastoring one of the world’s great churches called Victory Life along with associate churches, as well as Bible school campuses in various locations.
Terry Mize in Mexico photos_p33 collage 1970-1977
Terry Mize More Than Conquerors 1979 Book Cover
I have ministered around the globe 56 years and have seen the Holy Spirit move in so many ways and with wonderful miracles and salvations, yet I still consider Mexico my first love. I often refer to her as “my beloved Mexico.” I have traveled her roads, loved her people, learned her language, and eaten her food both in wonderful modern cities and in remote and primitive villages. I first went as a 15-year-old to Monterrey to study Spanish for 3 weeks, then traveled to Juchitan, Oaxaca, as an 18-year-old, taking with me 400,000 Spanish tracts and Bibles.

I was drafted into the US Army, but after completion of duty, I immediately took my wife and 18-month-old son and moved to the capital city of the state of Oaxaca. After a while the Lord told me to go the beautiful city of fountains and roses, Guadalajara. There we started a church and two home meetings a week where we experienced countless salvations and miracles among the precious people. My first blind eyes-opened was there. My second child was born there. My first open-air crusade, where we plugged our electrical cords into the local Catholic Church with permission from a council of Priests and Curas, was there. Later we were instructed to “go to many nations.”
We cried as we left my beloved Mexico to obey that call, but I have continued to return every year since then. So many friends there, so many salvations, and marvelous miracles there. My hitchhiker testimony was in Zacatecas. God changed history and rescued two towns from poverty in the state of Hidalgo. I have preached the gospel and taught the word from the Atlantic, to the sea of Cortez, and on to the Pacific. I have watched Pastors take up the mantle and grow from adobe and palapa churches to large modern buildings. I have seen them come from abject poverty to sending their kids to university in Europe.
Yesterday the people elected their first female president. She is a Jewish Mexican, and a communist, a strong proponent of the LGBT and transgender platform. The cartels assassinated some 37 previous candidates during the election cycle. Mexico has never had revival, but I believe it’s coming even if it’s the last revival on planet earth. I love her, she is still my beloved Mexico. Please continue to pray for her.

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You are more than conquerors,
Terry L. Mize
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