JUNE 2023

We must get back to The Great Commission...  

                                                                                                                                    June 12, 2023

Renee and I have just returned from wonderful meetings in North Carolina where two churches joined together to have me minister for eight days. They held two services a day, Monday-Friday, with a total of 12 services. We had a wonderful time with good friends and partners.  The people were challenged, ministered to, and many received healings and miracles and gave wonderful testimonies. One medical doctor working at the military base hospital was healed of several things in his body. He threw down his cane he used for walking and walked up and down the platform steps.

We certainly appreciate it and all our partners and pray for you every day. We never take it lightly that you have made the decision and followed the leading of the Holy Spirit to become partners with us in fulfilling The Great Commission and reach this world with the gospel. Together, we have accomplished a lot, and both changed history and made history these last 55 years.

When my boys were small and were outside playing, which they dearly loved, I would call them in for the evening meal. My wife would have prepared delicious food for us, and we would be hungry. But when the boys came in and washed their hands and sat at the table, Paul David would look at the food and then say to me, “Daddy, I’m not hungry, can I go back outside and play?” I knew he had to be hungry, but he would insist that he was not. Sometimes I would allow him to go back outside after asking two or three times if he wasn’t hungry, and other times I would tell him, no.

One day, after one of these episodes, my wife said to me, “Terry, you are putting too much food on Paul’s plate. He loves to be outside so much that he begrudges the time that it takes to eat his meal when he could be out playing. He is calculating the time it will take to eat, against the time of daylight left outside as the sun goes down. He would rather play than eat.” She went on to say, “If you would put smaller portions on his plate, he will reason that he can clean his plate and still have time to go outside.” Well, being the wise man that I am, I listened to my wife and did as she suggested. I would put very small portions on his plate, and he would eat it all and ask for more. Problem solved.

The true problem was that the meal or the project or the vision was too big for him to see the possibility or ability to get it inside of him, it loomed too big, it seemed impossible. So, the solution was to break the vision down, the amount down to the point that he could see that it was possible to finish the meal and still have time to do what he wanted.

At the great Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas, Pastor John Osteen would in each and every service, tell the congregation that it was time to pray for the world. He always had world maps in the sanctuary. Some maps were very elaborate with lights installed in the capital city of each nation that could be turned on individually. Pastor Osteen would then call for people who had a country on their heart, to come stand in the front and tell him what the country was. Maybe it would be twenty people or thirty or fifty or even one hundred, they would call out the names, India, France, Mexico, Australia, etc.

Brother John would repeat the name of the nation and many times include the current population. Then they would pray with the congregation joining in.

John Osteen was a friend and a Father in the Faith to me, a Spiritual Father that creased my life. I’ve often said that he was the Pastors Pastor, the Master of the pulpit. What a blessing and an increase to our lives he was. Renee and I talk about him and quote him every day.

What he was doing when he would pray for the world every service was to get the people missions minded, thinking about souls, and praying for them to be saved. He was also  doing what I was doing with Paul’s food. He was breaking the population down to smaller numbers so the people could get those nations and those people inside of them. They couldn’t see or believe the whole population of 4 billion people (today the population is 8 billion) inside of them but hey, what about Belize, with only 200,000, what about Haiti, with 8 million, Spain with 35 million, even huge Australia with only 25 million, can you get them inside of you?

Its, the same way with money. Years ago, a friend who was a pastor in Vera Cruz, Mexico, called me. He needed $50,000.00 quickly and didn’t have it. Well, I didn’t have it either, but I began to break it down like I did with my son’s food. 2 people giving $25,000.00 would work. Still to big?  Ok 4 people giving $12,500.00, 8 people giving $6,250.00, 16 people giving $3,125.00, even 1,000 people giving $50.00. Just keep breaking the numbers down until you can see it being possible or doable.

Jesus gave us one job, one mission, one commission when he left the Earth and ascended into Heaven in the sight of some 500 people. That mission is called the Great Commission, Soul winning, evangelism, reaching the lost, rescuing the perishing from a devil’s Hell. Much of the church today and many Christians have turned away from reaching the lost as Jesus commanded us and instead, she has majored on simply teaching the taught, ministering to Christians, or making disciples. We must get back to The Great Commission, or millions of sinners are going to spend eternity in Torments in the fires of Hell. Jesus tells us of these fires and torments in the 16th chapter of the book of Luke!

Renee and I are praying about and making plans for the upcoming months and our missions trips and ministry. Gypsy pastors conference in Romania, Pastors conference in the island nation of Malta with pastors from both Europe and Africa, pastors conference in Zimbabwe with 4,000 pastors from two tribes, as well as others. Please pray with us about these critical meetings for the King and the Kingdom.

Remember our YouTube TV programs every Thursday. Please remember to go to YouTube and like and subscribe. That helps us to be able to minister. Also, I have finished my new book, “Pulling Down Strongholds.” It will be available to you soon.
“If sinners be damned, at least let them leap to hell over our dead bodies. And if they perish, let them perish with our arms wrapped around their knees. If hell must be filled, let it be filled in the teeth of our exertions, and let no one go unwarned or unprayed for.” -Charles H. Spurgeon

Until All Have Heard,
Terry L. Mize
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