JULY 2023

Happy Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July!

We greet you this month from California, where we have been ministering the whole month of June and will continue the whole month of July. In Acts 15 the Apostle Paul said to his preaching buddy, Barnabas, let us go visit the churches (their partner churches) and see how they do. So, when Renee and I are in the USA, we do the same thing. 
We have been and still are visiting our partner churches to see how they do, minister to them, encourage them, love them, and lift them in the Word and the Spirit.
I’m writing this to you the last of June and next week is the Fourth of July, American Independence Day, America’s 247th birthday. This mighty nation which has been a beacon and a lighthouse of freedom to the nations of the world all these years, has been under attack by Hell and her cohorts in Hollywood, Washington DC, and elsewhere to try to make the USA a communist and third world country, with no exceptionalism or any difference from the other nations around the globe. The problem with that is… she is special, she is exceptional, she is different, and she is better because America is the only nation on the planet that was created for freedom of religion, for free worship of God, and was dedicated by the Founding Fathers to God, given to Him, America belongs to God! 

This morning I again re-read some 115 quotes from Founding Fathers and early Statesmen about God, the Bible, and their own belief in Jesus Christ as their Savior. This is not an exhaustive list, there are many more. The 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence were mostly Christians, 27 were Seminary graduates and several were ministers. They were faithful to give glory to God and to incorporate His Holy Word in their famous writings of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. No such documents or no such nation has had the beginnings or the Holy reasons for existence as these.
They knew the risk, that signing the Declaration would paint a bullseye on them, their families, their homes, and their businesses. They were patriots, but they were also subjects of the British Crown. Signing would make them criminals and traitors. Penalty for being a traitor… death by hanging! 

These 56 signers (there would have been more, but some were absent on that day) proved by their every deed that they made no idle boast when they composed the most magnificent line in history (aside from the Bible) “…and for the support of this declaration with a firm reliance on the protection of Devine Providence we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.” That last line of the declaration is a statement of their personal commitment! Just as the mostly unknown last verse of our great National Anthem states: “Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just, and this be our motto- ‘In God is our trust,’ And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave. O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.” 
Renee and I are excited for several foreign missions ministry trips coming up rapidly. We will be ministering in our beloved Mexico in August and while there we are going to celebrate the 101st birthday of my Father in the Faith, Mentor, General, dear friend and veteran missionary statesman, Wayne Myers in Mexico City. Wayne has lived and ministered in Mexico for 76 years with his precious Martha, who left us for her Eternal home a couple of years ago. They raised their three children there as well. At 100, Wayne is still preaching and mentoring Mexican Pastors and yours truly, I’m still learning. 
In late September we are looking to continue our ministry and training to Romanian Gypsy pastors. We have ministered to them for some 25 years. Our great friend and ministry leader to these pastors, Paul Crisan, suffered a massive heart attack in January and transitioned to the Heaven he had preached about for decades. Paul also took in and ministered to precious orphan children for many years and he loved them as his own and they loved him as their dad. He led the pastors we have been ministering to and training in the Word of Faith to start their own Union (like our denominations) of those ministers that received us and embraced the Word of Faith message. They went on to establish over 400 churches. 

Paul’s widow, Cami, is helping us choose the most promising, productive, serious pastors and leaders to meet with us in this September meeting to plan the future and for us to continue training and mentoring as well as ministering to these future History Makers and World Changers. 
I told her recently that I want her and us to be sensitive to the Spirit of God to bring only those Gypsy ministers that are completely single minded about changing history and making history in this former communist nation. We will pay their lodging and food for several days of multiple service conference. 

Most likely we will have 200 valid leaders in attendance. I don’t have the new prices yet as everything has changed, and prices gone up since covid. My best guess is about $40,000.00. I will know for sure soon. That has been the expense in years past. I am not asking for me but to help this pastors conference and change the Gypsy people and nations. Please ask the Lord how you can help and what He would have you give.
A major prayer request I would ask you to join Renee and I in, is for the Lord to provide us a new ministry vehicle. It is time. Our last three have been given to us by precious friends and partners and many vehicles before those. Our present F150 Ford truck has been such a major blessing. Given to us new with only 52 miles on it delivered to our home in 2019. Of course, vehicles these days can go 200K and even 300k or more miles. We have put 150k ministry miles on this one, but it has begun to have some problems. Recently we were leaving for a major ministry trip to the east coast, and we blew the transmission which cost over $8,000.00 to replace, plus interfering with our schedule and of course towing it and Renee and I several hundred miles in the wee hours of the morning. Then right after that the whole computer system, media center, GPS maps and sound system went out and had to be replaced. When things begin going wrong and with high milage we decided we must believe for a new vehicle. We must be able to stay on a tight schedule to get to ministry meetings and partner churches. So, its time and we ask you to join with us in prayer and faith to provide this ministry tool.
We love you and pray for you daily. Send us your prayer requests and praise reports. Remember every Thursday we have our YouTube program, “More Than Conquerors.” Reach us online at TerryMize.com.
Until All Have Heard,
Terry L. Mize
Terry L. Mize