Stay Cool In Jesus

                                                                                                                    August 2023

I greet you this month in the matchless name of Jesus and remind you that the Word states that a man of understanding is a man of a cool spirit. So, stay cool in Jesus.

Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. The beautiful city of fountains and roses, eternal springtime at 5,000 feet above sea level. Our home in 1974, and we thought it would continue to be for the rest of our lives. One of our children was born there, Paul David, so he had dual citizenship. Lynn was not yet three when we moved there and was doing well at speaking Spanish with his little neighborhood and church playmates. He just turned 52 this week, wow! Jackie was very happy and content in our small but beautiful apartment and her pregnancy was going well. We were believing to do something we had never heard of anyone doing before… to experience this pregnancy and birth as supernatural, quick, and totally painless. It came to pass as Paul weighed 10 pounds and was born in 20 minutes with no pain, no tearing, no stitches, no epidural or medications, and it was so fast that our doctor didn’t make it to the hospital in time. They caused quite a stir around the hospital and Paul looked like a giant in the nursery with the small Mexican babies around him. Of course, the miracle was even more amazing, as doctors had told Jackie all her life that she could not have children. The spirit of the Lord had spoken to a friend and partner there in town to pay for the hospital bill and she was in a great little private boutique hospital used by wealthier people. It was wonderful for these two young, missionaries who were living by faith and trusting God for all our provision. God really has been so, so good.  He has been found faithful, Praise the Lord! “Supernatural Childbirth” book is still available.

One day, I was at work in my office, a lovely little spot in a strip mall on a major boulevard, when a lady whom I had seen at church but did not know her name, came bursting in hysterically crying and yelling, “My baby is dying, my baby is dying, brother Terry, please help me!” I immediately jumped to my feet and started outside, assuming her baby was out there, maybe hit by a car or sick in her car. Looking to her for direction I asked, “Where is your baby?” She said, “In the Military Hospital. She is dying with cancer of the blood, Leukemia. We have had her in five hospitals and the chief of each one has given up and told us there is no help and no hope. This morning the chief of the Military hospital told us the same and my little girl (10 years old) is in horrible pain, and nothing can be done. Please help us!”

I told the lady to sit down. I said, “Your baby is ok. I decree as a man of God, in the office that God has called me to, in the Name of Jesus, that she will live and not die.” She said, “Please come, she is in pain and dying!” I told her, “No, she is fine, she is healed.” “Please come she begged me.”

“Your baby is fine, and I will come to the hospital later today, but right now, I want to pray for you, to calm down and be in peace as you travel back across town to the hospital. Tell me what time visiting hours are and I will be there tonight.”

That night I took a friend with me and when we entered the hospital room, the little girl was sitting up in the bed, laughing and playing. The mother and grandmother began to cry. I said, “I thought she was sick?” The grandmother told me; “When my daughter went to find you, my granddaughter was so sick and crying in pain. They were giving her pain medicine and could do nothing. While my daughter was gone to see you, my granddaughter became just like you see her now. She is fine, she is well. The doctors and nurses are running in and out trying to figure out what has happened. They want to keep her for a week and run tests.” I said, “That’s fine, let them keep her, God stands up to tests.” The next Sunday I was on the platform and preaching. The back doors opened when the mother, grandmother and little girl came in. The doctors had released her and pronounced her healed of cancer. When the girl saw me, she ran up the aisle to the platform, jumped into my arms, and hugged me... that was so much better than preaching her funeral, all Glory to God!

We have been busy the last few months and have driven coast to coast. I mentioned last month that it is time for a new vehicle to meet the ministry demands and asked you to join your faith and prayers with us for it to manifest and come to our hands, paid for. Several partners have given or sent offerings earmarked for the new transportation. We appreciate your generosity, love, and prayers.
We believe it’s coming.

In the last several months of ministry we have supplied financial help as well as ministry help in a lot of areas. We paid methane gas supply for an orphanage in Romania. We paid the car repairs, for the widow, of our co-labor that took care of several orphanages and gypsy pastors in Romania, who passed in January. We provided new cribs and mattresses for an orphanage in Botswana, Africa. Through our JMICF humanitarian organization, watching over and providing for orphanages we have given to precious ones in 5 continents since the first of the year. We have increased our help with new staff expenses, food, and care, including medical care in Mexico as the Cartels have increased their evil works and control. We have paid for several funerals for widows to bury their husbands in a number of nations. Some churches in the USA are wanting to send their missions money through us as we are hands on and boots on the ground. We know and have vetted these places. We have been at this for 55 years and God has used us to bless and help people. I used to say, “I’m a clearing house and a missionary investment broker,” and that’s still true. We have exceeded the last 7 months what we used to give at Christmas alone. 

We are going to Mexico City to be with my Spiritual Father, Wayne Myers and celebrate his 101st birthday next week and to minister. We have upcoming pastors’ conferences in Romania, Mexico, and Malta. Please watch our YouTube TV programs and please subscribe. My new book, “Pulling Down Strongholds” will be out soon. We covet your prayers.

Until All Have Heard,
Terry L. Mize
Terry L. Mize
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