Fall 2022


                                                                                                                       September 21, 2022
I greet you this month from Fort Worth, Texas, where we have been invited once again to be a part of Kenneth Copeland’s VICTORYTHON. Four days of television with ministers and programmers on the Victory Channel. The goal this year is $25 million dollars. Brother and Sister Copeland provide free airtime for 38 programmers to minister on the Channel which goes to Direct TV, Spectrum, Dish, Roku and so many other outlets and reaches millions of homes around the world. It is an honor to be involved.
I mentioned in my last letter, that during the month of August, we attended the 2022 Southwest Believers’ Convention. Jerry Savelle while ministering, pointed at me, and said, “Terry, I remember all those years that you preached ‘Living to Give’.” After he said that, my office began to get calls and inquiries, asking, “What is that?”, “What was Jerry talking about?”, “Do you have that message available?” I thought we did but evidently at some point in time that product slipped through a crack and wasn’t produced any longer. I am going to do a three- or four-day seminar and minister this message again. It is so very necessary and needed today in the body of Christ!

The last of August, Renee and I were privileged to fly into Mexico City to be with my Spiritual Father and mentor for 54 years (since I was 18 years old), Wayne Myers. We celebrated his 100th Birthday with him and a few old friends. What a life and legacy Wayne has lived. Seventy-Five years living in Mexico as a missionary and traveling the world preaching the Gospel. It was meeting and watching Wayne and Martha all those decades ago that this young missionary learned the marvelous lifestyle of Living to Give. The very nature and character of our great God! When I walked into the bedroom in Mexico a couple of weeks ago where my 100-year-old Father and mentor was resting… He said, “Sit down Son. Terry, we’ve got to raise $75,000.00 and build a church in Turkey!” Hahahaha… Wow! When I’m 100, I hope I’m still building churches around the world.  

I was saved at 6 years old in a great old Pentecostal church. I immediately fell in love with Jesus, His book, His church, and His people. I was in church every time the doors were open and never wanted to miss. I just knew that if I missed a service, that would be the very time the Holy Spirit would fall and the service would be so powerful, that Heaven would bend low and kiss the Earth and we would get caught right in the middle of the smack. Those were precious days. Sometimes we would have great revivals of multiple weeks… 2, 4, 8, 12, even 26 weeks; that is six months! We would have service every night, even Saturday! No days off. My momma and the other mothers would bring a quilt and put it under the pew and if we kids needed to go to sleep, we did. I spent many a night on a Pentecostal pallet, under a Pentecostal pew with Pentecostal women dancing on my Pentecostal fingers night after night. Later after service some of us kids would go around the church and gather the bobby pins (hair pins) from the floor where the ladies had danced so hard, they flew out of their heads. Church was so strong and healthy then and so was America. I’ve always said that in every nation, “as goes the church, so goes the nation! If the church is strong and healthy the nation is as well.” When I tell people about this and say that is what we need today, they say, “Oh no, we have jobs and the kids have school...,” hahaha, well so did we. We suffered no harm in school or work because of these great Revivals and moves of God!

As a boy, I was taught in church and at home that Christians should give offerings and pay tithe. I’ve never had a problem with that and readily complied… believing and knowing it was an honor to do so. The only catch back then was that we were also taught that we should not expect anything back from God. I didn’t even have a problem with that and still was happy to give while still considering it a privilege and an honor. I distinctly remember my mother telling me… “Terry, I know you tithe and give to the Lord.” I answered, “yes Ma’am.” She said… “Now don’t you dare expect anything back.” “No Ma’am” was my response. That continued until I was grown and married. When the offering was received, and the plate was passed I gladly put my tithe and offering in without any thought about it.
No prayer, no faith, and no expectation.

When I was serving in the U.S. Army, money was tight. I made $128.00 a month from the military. As newlyweds, my wife and I had bills to pay from obligations we had made and also had to live. We didn’t know how to buy groceries for a whole month. God had always blessed us, and we were used to having money. My wife’s grandmother gave me a book that Oral Roberts had written, The Miracle of Seed Faith. This book changed my life. Rev Roberts likened our tithe and offerings, our money to seeds. He talked about farmers planting seeds for a harvest and it worked because it was a law of God. He said to always pray over your giving or planting and apply faith to it. He mentioned three keys… 1. Realize God is your Source of everything, 2. He said to Give first, and 3. He said to Expect a miracle and to expect it from an unexpected source. Wow! That was a total and drastic change from how I had been raised all my life. He said to never give without praying over your gift. Our world turned around because of this. He said it was a law of God, that if you had a need, you could plant a seed and expect a harvest.
THAT BEGAN TO WORK FOR US! It was wonderful. Upon my release from active duty in the Army we moved to Mexico as missionaries and met a wonderful missionary who added another level to what we were doing and as we embraced that lifestyle of Living to Give… well, the rest is history.    
I will finish this in my next partner letter in a couple of weeks!

Living to Give is the Nature of God,
Terry L. Mize