December 2022

Christmas, 12 Checks & Europe

                                                                                                                       December 7th, 2022
I greet you this cold December day as Renee and I are speeding by train, across the French countryside, making our way from Nice to Paris. Our time in Nice was very pleasant and the ministry was anointed and seemed to help the precious people. We were glad to receive testimonies to that effect as well as ones of healing and salvations.

The church and pastor there were recommended to us and us to them by dear friends George and Terri Pearsons. Pastor Marie Helene, her sister Elizabeth, along with the staff and people were wonderful to minister to and work with. We certainly enjoyed some meals and extra time.  Always a blessing to find saints of like precious faith and those who are still preaching and living “The word of faith, which we preach,” as Paul tells us in Romans 10.
In Paris, we are meeting with another pastor of long acquaintance who has published Jackie’s book, Supernatural Childbirth, in French for a good number of years.

Then off to London, where we will minister for longtime friend, Pastor Wendy Preston. A few weeks ago, I ministered for their church by zoom. She had asked me to minister on Honor as so many people don’t seem to understand that Biblical concept in the church anymore. We met Wendy some 8 years ago, right after Renee and I were married while I was preaching a Ministers’ Seminar on the Mediterranean and Historical Biblical Island of Malta, or Melita as it’s called in the book of Acts.
We will return to the USA in mid-month and plunge headlong into the finishing up of our annual Christmas Orphan Project. Of course, we are in the middle of it now and so many pastors, partners, and friends have already sent offerings for the little ones overseas or have made commitments to do so. Last year was our best year ever and we are so thankful and are expecting great things this year as well. Twenty-six nations and more than 40 orphanages received wonderful Christmas presents last year, from us thanks to you and our partners. We also dug several more water wells and paid for a water filtration plant for orphans in Pakistan. I love to dig the wells and give life through clean water to those without.

We also bought two vehicles this year. One for a couple who pastor in Ukraine. I have known them for decades and the wife since she was a teenager. I offered to get them out of Ukraine when the war started and to bring them to the USA, but they said, “Brother Terry, we are pastoring and cannot leave our people.” The other one was for a missionary in Romania whom I’ve known again for decades. He is taking supplies into Ukraine and bringing refugee women and children out. We are also rebuilding a portion of an orphanage that has been destroyed. I will post some of these photos and videos on our website.
Being in France this week has reminded me of my first trip here about 45 years ago, maybe 44.  TL Osborn invited me to accompany him on a trip of ministry and his holding ministry board meetings for his offices in five nations: England, France, Belgium, Holland (the Netherlands) and Ireland. That was a tremendous experience for a young missionary in my late 20’s early 30’s.  we flew to Paris from New York City on the Concorde, wow, 3 1/2 hours at a speed of mach 2.  We rented a car and I drove us around the different cities in France to minister; Nice, Grenoble, Lyon, and Vichy. Then on to Brussels, Belgium, and The Hauge in Holland. There He introduced me to a great and well-known minister who had been his close friend for decades. He was T. L.’s first interpreter in his great Dutch crusade. Johan Maasbach also became my dear friend up until the day he went to Heaven. Next, we flew back over the channel to the UK where we caught a flight to Ireland. As the “Troubles (as they called the brutal and bloody times of war, murder and bombings between the UK and the IRA in Ireland) were in full swing, we were never taken on the same route twice, the car was always checked underneath and under the hood for bombs before starting the engine. The people were in a constant state of fear, and they were so glad to hear us bring a powerful word of faith and authority. Each meeting as we preached and even at night in bed, we could hear the machine guns fire and hear and feel the bombs going off. Back to England to minister and a board meeting and we were off to the USA again on the Concorde. I wish they still flew that incredible aircraft, what a time saver it was.

As the World is opening up more from the biological scourge of Covid, we are more and more planning to get back to our routine of the last 54 years and to minister overseas in our call as a missionary to God’s world and the only cause that counts.

Here in the middle of December, we have spent 11 ½ months of this year, or almost the whole checkbook of 12 checks that God gave us in January last. The big question now is what did we do with what we had? How did we spend 2022?  Are we happy with it? Is Heaven happy with it?  What have we accomplished for the glory and the kingdom of God? I was on the phone yesterday with ministers in Zimbabwe, Africa firming up our pastors’ conference there in this coming March. We will be ministering to 4,000 precious pastors and training them in the word of faith. We are also planning for ministry and training to Gypsy pastors in Romania. They have been begging us to come. Then a pastors’ conference in Malta with pastors from several nations in Europe and from Africa. Of course, a soon as this evil war with Russia and Ukraine is over, we must get into Ukraine to strengthen and minister to those tired, stressed, and stretched pastors and people.

Again, it’s not too late to get offerings into both Terry Mize Ministries and to JMICF for the end of the year, for many who need the tax write off, it is so much better to Give to the kingdom of God and not to the government. We still have that December check to spend for the Eternal and for Eternity!  Our YouTube channel, Terry Mize Ministries puts up a new program each Thursday and hundreds in the archives.

For the World that cost God His Son and Jesus His Blood,

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